Canada and Sweden have well-established bilateral relations thanks to the common fundamental values with a focus on diversity and sustainability. This has led to extensive business and scientific exchanges in technology and innovation.


Canada is the world’s tenth largest economy with most of its 37 million people living within 200 kilometres of the American border. 加拿大的商业文化与ag体育官网非常相似, which results in easy and transparent business discussions in all sectors. Furthermore, the conditions and characteristics of the country are similar to the USA, 这使它成为北美的一个很好的试销市场.


加拿大的资源型产业, including mining, water, forestry, energy, oil and gas are a good fit with the interests and competences of the Swedish industry. Healthcare companies in Canada also do business in a similar way, 因为公共资助的医疗体系. 这两个国家在医疗保健方面面临同样的挑战, 比如人口老龄化和成本增加. 该行业目前正在经历数字化进程, and there is a strong focus on providing equal healthcare to all citizens, also in remote areas. Swedish solutions and products typically have a lot of interest in Canada, 因为高质量和高水平的创新. The brand “Sweden” has a very good reputation and is able to open many doors.


加拿大经济一直表现良好, 与市场准入相关的壁垒也很低. CETA, 欧洲和加拿大之间的自由贸易协定, came into effect in September 2017 and provides increased opportunities for trade. It has improved labour mobility when customs tariffs were removed almost entirely, 各级政府采购合同开放.

How we can help

Business Sweden has been active in Canada for more than 30 years. From our office in Toronto we support Swedish companies with strategic advice and support to set up their business.

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