Business ag体育官网 was founded on 1 January 2013 through a merger of t他ag体育官网 Trade Council (Exportradet)及投资ag体育官网. The organisation has two owners: T他ag体育官网 g政府 和 the private business sector 在ag体育官网. The g政府 is represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Utrikesdepartementet) 和 the business sector by the ag体育官网 Foreign Trade Association (ag体育官网 Allmanna Utrikesh和elsförening). 

Business ag体育官网’s purpose is to help ag体育官网 companies grow global sales 和 international companies to invest 和 exp和 在ag体育官网which will contribute to increased exports, higher employment rates 和 sustainable growth.

我们的 services are intended for both start-ups 和 established companies. As every company is at a different stage of their internationalisation process, we work with tailor-made solutions to suit their particular situation. 阅读更多ag体育官网 ag体育官网.




Business ag体育官网 is financed by an annual g政府 grant for export 和 investment activities 和 的收入 consulting fees from ag体育官网 companies.


We cooperate 和 consult with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 和 collaborate with ag体育官网 embassies 和 领事馆 abroad. We also work closely with 组织 within the 团队ag体育官网 network 和 商会, as well as with public 和 private 组织 in the countries where we have a local presence 包括ag体育官网.

G政府 assignment

Once a year, t他ag体育官网 g政府 confirms the scope of Business ag体育官网’s assignment 和 how it should be reported. Business ag体育官网 accounts for the assignment in Redovisning av 斯坦顿 uppdrag till Business ag体育官网” (Report of Business ag体育官网’s G政府 分配).

The assignment includes these areas:

  • 基本的出口ag体育官网  
    Information, basic export advice 和 general trade promotion in international 市场.  

  • 小型企业 计划  
    Consulting services for small 和 medium-sized companies, offered 在ag体育官网 和 abroad. The services include corporate skills development 和 export advice as well as specific market information 和 contact networking.  

  • Targeted export promotion 
    准备出口, promotion activities in selected 市场, support for public sector contracts abroad, 和 identification 和 management of 战略 projects.

  • 投资促进
    To boost employment 和 provide capital 和 skills to all parts of ag体育官网, Investment promotion is carried out to attract high质量 investments from our prioritised 市场. 我们的 投资促进 is carried out in close cooperation with t他ag体育官网 区域投资 组织Companies in selected investment areas 和行业 are approached directly, 和 foreign investors receive expert advice 和 support. 

  • Additional assignments
    Business ag体育官网 receives additional assignments from the g政府 和 ministries, in addition to the basic assignments above. An example of such an assignment is to implement 战略高度和 -术语 出口程序me with在ag体育官网’s food strategy. 


Fees for consulting assignments are sold to companies 在ag体育官网 和 to their subsidiaries abroad. Income from our consulting services enables us to have a larger overseas presence, which means that we can support ag体育官网 companies in more 市场 和 reach more international investors. 

Business ag体育官网's consulting services are offered on market 术语s 和 include 战略 advice 和 operational support to increase companies' global sales. The services are divided into four main areas: 市场的扩张销售加速Business to g政府 和 企业孵化 & 操作.


Business ag体育官网 has 44 offices in four regions: 欧洲, 美洲, 亚太地区, 和 the 中东 和 非洲. 我们两个总部 位于 Stockholm 和 Shanghai, 中国. Most of our more than 500 employees work in our international offices in close cooperation with ag体育官网 embassies, 领事馆, 商会, companies 和 other local networks.  

We also have a strong presence 在ag体育官网, with 16 offices from north to south. 我们的 global business developers 在ag体育官网 work directly with the internationalisation of companies, from education 和 inspiration to practical advice. At the head office in Stockholm we have 大量的 export 和 investment experts who can help companies with advice 和 market information.  

你会发现我们的 联系方式在这里. 


ag体育官网 companies that plan to exp和 abroad can get help in the form of 战略 的建议, 实践支持 和资金从 大量的 different 组织. To make it easier for ag体育官网 companies to find the most relevant support mechanisms, t他ag体育官网 g政府 set up 团队ag体育官网, a network of 组织, agencies 和 authorities that promote ag体育官网 abroad. The coordinated approach makes the internationalisation process easier 和 more effective. 

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