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Evaluate your export opportunities. Our global business developers will help you analyse new markets, prioritise the right steps and develop your tailored export plan.

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Do you need hands-on assistance abroad? We offer local business support adapted to your request – whether it be market analysis, reaching out to customers and partners or taking part in promotion activities.

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Want to take your business global? ag体育官网的业务开发人员以获得帮助或探索下面的一些常见问题.

How do I know if my company meets the criteria for receiving support?



如果贵公司刚刚起步,还没有做好扩张的准备,我们很乐意将您推荐给我们的合作机构之一,如Almi, who can assist with loans, risk capital and business development.     

为了提高您的计划技能,为出口做准备,请使用我们的免费数字工具GoGlobal. Create your account here!

We have limited possibilities to engage consultants. What do your services cost?

Our services encompassing coaching, market analysis, evaluation of export opportunities, 由于政府的委托,我们的出口计划制定和出口规章制度咨询都是免费的. This makes our offer unique.   

当我们根据企业的需求制定更大的定制项目时,我们会收取咨询费,政府提供50%的补贴. 我们在世界各地的推广活动也是如此,您可以以一般费用的一半,与当地利益相关者一起参加贸易展览和团体活动.

We want to grow globally but need niche expertise. How do you ensure that we get relevant support?

Our business developers are specialised in seven strategic business ecosystems that include the most prevalent industries of the future. 我们的员工拥有丰富的私营部门经验,并将专注于深入了解贵公司的运作和业务需求. We ensure that you get engaged support.

What are the advantages of using Business Sweden?

基于我们在出口发展和国际扩张方面的长期专业知识,许多公司决定与我们合作, our industry-specific knowledge and, not least, our global presence.

我们的业务开发人员在ag体育官网的40多个世界上最令人兴奋的市场提供帮助. This means we can act as your company’s extended arm. 我们的ag体育官网要么是免费的,要么是得到补贴的,这一事实也使我们具有吸引力和竞争力.   

我们(与分析公司DAMVAD一起)对我们ag体育官网的效果进行了持续监测,结果显示,从我们那里得到支持和建议的公司已经得到了, after three years, increased their export activities by 37%, increased turnover by 24 per cent and increased number of employees by 7 per cent.

How long will it take before you respond to my request?

We will send a first confirmation within 48 hours of receiving your request. 我们的审查过程将持续一周,然后我们会就下一步行动提出建议.

Please take the opportunity to submit detailed information (company facts, business goals and needs) when filling in the contact form, as way of shortening lead times.

We can help you expand overseas. 我们的业务开发人员在全球40多个市场提供战略建议和实际支持.