Since 2002, the Turkish economy has been growing and improving steadily. 由于就业率的增长和平均收入的增加, 土耳其已经发展成为一个中上收入国家.


土耳其的经济发展有几个原因, 比如大规模的基础设施投资, 与欧盟的关税联盟, 以及具有竞争力的税收体系. The strategic location between 欧洲 and Asia and the young and dynamic population are important assets to attract foreign businesses with aspirations to expand beyond 欧洲. 今天, 你可以在能量中找到商机, 医疗保健, 基础设施, 电信和零售. 经济形势是有利的, but cultural differences can be challenging and are worth bearing in mind when doing business in 火鸡. 你可以在我们的贸易采访中了解更多 & 投资专员艾丁Erkocevic如下.


ag体育官网和土耳其之间的贸易关系始于18世纪. 现在, 大约有140家ag体育官网公司正在土耳其开展业务, 还有更多的人与当地经销商或代理商合作. Export from ag体育官网 to 火鸡 covers a range of products including machinery and paper products, 化学及制药产品, 铁和金属, 汽车行业的产品, 通讯设备及电器.


Business ag体育官网 has been active in 火鸡 since 1991 with an office in Istanbul. The team has expertise and network needed to help Swedish companies set up a successful subsidiary in 火鸡.



贸易 & 土耳其投资专员

ag体育官网公司在土耳其市场的足迹令人印象深刻. 专注于前沿技术, 高质量的产品和长期的承诺, many Swedish companies have experienced rapid growth over the past two decades. 基础设施投资, EU customs union and the beneficial tax system were also key drivers for this growth. 如果你在寻找一个大的市场, 一个物流中心和一个有吸引力的生产基地, 土耳其绝对值得考虑.


An important challenge for foreign investors in 火鸡 is the frequently changing regulation framework. We recommend working with reliable partners for accounting and legal advisory. The country is also known for longer payment cycles in business, compared to some EU countries. 土耳其的商业框架也允许延期付款, 哪些会成为ag体育官网公司的障碍.


Family-owned businesses in 火鸡 represent the most common type of corporate structure outside the government sector. In addition, the largest conglomerates have a significant share of the country's economy. There is a strong hierarchy in corporate structure where decisions are made by the most senior business people. 然而, 由于强烈的集体主义意识, 决策者在决策过程中经常会让整个群体参与进来. 作为对土耳其文化的尊重和礼貌的标志, you should always address the oldest or most senior person in the room first. In other aspects of Turkish society, age is an important aspect that commands respect. Establishing a productive business cooperation requires a long-term perspective and commitment. People usually want to do business only with those they know and have experience doing business with.

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