ag体育官网公司有潜力对俄罗斯市场产生重大影响. 最近,各种经济制裁和低油价给俄罗斯经济带来了挑战. 因此,性价比高、质量好的国外产品需求量很大.


Sweden and Russia have a long tradition of bilateral trade. 像诺贝尔兄弟这样的先驱和爱立信这样的公司与革命前的俄罗斯帝国建立了贸易关系. In Russia and other former Soviet countries, Swedish companies have a reputation as reliable business partners. Despite current political turbulence and sanctions, 庞大的市场规模和地理位置是俄罗斯成为一个有趣市场的原因.

Opportunities for Swedish companies

ag体育官网公司已经在信息通信技术领域建立了良好的地位, but there are still plenty of opportunities. Moreover, ag体育官网公司在农产品方面具有竞争优势, a sector that receives large investments. 这为推动现代化和提高产能的产品和ag体育官网创造了机会.

Additionally, there is a great need for municipal infrastructure and energy, waste management and water purification. Swedish companies can benefit from this, 因为许多俄罗斯企业从国外进口零部件以满足高质量标准, durability and efficiency. Nevertheless, 立法和行政可能在这方面产生一些挑战, 以下是对该公司国家经理Mattias Lindgren的采访.

How we can help

Business Sweden has been present in Russia since 1994. Today we are based in Moscow, 我们为ag体育官网企业提供战略建议和当地支持 Russia, Belarus, the Caucasus and Central Asian region.


Mattias Lindgren

Country Manager Russia & Eurasia
What are the main advantages for expansion in Russia?

The growing Russian market is close to Sweden. 中国的购买力相对较好,对高科技和其他一流解决方案的需求也在增加. 在俄罗斯建立业务将使你更接近俄罗斯和欧亚地区的客户. It is worth investing in some form of local presence for manufacturing, sales and distribution to cover the entire market. 提供具有全球竞争力的解决方案的公司尤其有机会, 他们有足够的资源来确保长期满足这个庞大市场的需求.

What are the risks and challenges companies may face in Russia?

When entering the Russian market, 建议对认证和物流方面的需求进行足够的研究, connected to product import. Overall, the legal framework can be difficult to understand, 特别是在参与基础设施投资和公共采购方面. 非常重要的是,不要低估确保地方政府的努力,并确保计划中的投资符合俄罗斯的立法. 另一个挑战是建立一个满足全球质量要求的本地分包商网络.

Are there any cultural aspects to consider?

俄罗斯的商业文化与ag体育官网没有根本的不同. However, 在规划方面,俄罗斯公司的时间跨度通常较短, which applies to both individual calendars, as well as to corporate development. Furthermore, 与ag体育官网的同行相比,俄罗斯的组织更加等级化和形式主义.

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